Non-filed tax returns


Did you fail filing your state or federal income tax returns? With each passing year, you are placing your long-term and immediate financial well-being in danger!

The IRS will chase income tax evasion charges against you if you deliberately refuse to pay past-due taxes or file income tax returns. Non-filers face liens on their personal property from the internal revenue service and from states.


Thousands of people miss filing tax returns in any given year because of good reasons, bad reasons or no reasons. No matter the cause, the situation can be saved and a cascading tax debt disaster averted with the right help. Call Li & Zheng CPA PLLC. We can help with personal tax returns (Forms 1040), corporate tax returns (Form 1120 for C and S Corps), partnership or LLC tax returns (Form 1065), Estate tax returns (Form 1041) and the income tax returns of all states that require them.



Back taxes owed


If you have a federal tax debt, whether personal or business, time is of the essence. Do not wait for the IRS to commence penalty actions.

At Li & Zheng CPA PLLC, we have the knowledge and experience needed to navigate the complicated IRS tax code and negotiate the best possible tax debt resolutions on behalf of our clients.




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